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A Genuine Tuscan Project: Cucina dello Scompiglio

Carolina Casini 13/01/2022

The southern hills of Lucca are enchanted with stylish villas, historic buildings, olive groves, forested areas and many beautiful camelia gardens.   Located in the town of Vorno, and within walking distance from our villas, Cucina dello Scompiglio is known as the secret garden. This beautiful spot is so much more than a restaurant – it is an experience that combines both tradition and innovation. This restaurant is a special destination you will want to…

Where to Find and Eat Truffles in Tuscany

Carolina Casini 10/11/2021

If you’re headed to Tuscany this autumn, go ahead and pat yourself in the back. In addition to less crowds, cooler weather and fun seasonal events – visiting during this time of year means you have access to something Italians (and well anyone really) cherish more than anything. Truffles and Porcini mushrooms, the ‘gold standard’ of local cuisine during this period, together with Alba in Piedmont, Tuscany is also quite famous for excellent truffles. One…

New Eateries in Florence: San Lorenzo

Carolina Casini 17/08/2015

Those who have traveled to Florence in the past ten years might be accustomed to a style that is very reminiscent to Tuscany. Marble-topped tables, rustic atmosphere and a written menu, featuring delights that are heavily vegetable, except for the odd ‘bistecca alla fiorentina‘ or two. Lately the city has undergone a bit of a contemporary revolution, the traditions still remain but a younger, passionate wave of owners has broken the barriers to add their…

Castagnaccio (chestnut flour cake) recipe

Carolina Casini 30/01/2015

This is an amazing recipe for the winter weekend! It is not too sweet and it is healthy. It’s a cake, but no sugar, yeast or baking powder are needed. It also contains pine nuts and walnuts that are good for your system. In Tuscany we typically make it in November & December because we pick up the chestnuts and prepare the flour in November and like all the flours is better if you use…

Tuscan Cooking School and Wine Experience 2015

Tuscandream 21/10/2014

Tuscany is rightfully world renown for our cuisine and a meal is not just an occasion to quickly fill your stomach. In our land, a meal is a celebration of taste and a festival of flavours that is to be savored and enjoyed. We do not push back from the table until we have to. We are blessed with some amazingly talented chefs, none better than Valentino of Taste Emotions – the author of three of the best…

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