A Genuine Tuscan Project: Cucina dello Scompiglio

Carolina Casini 13/01/2022

The southern hills of Lucca are enchanted with stylish villas, historic buildings, olive groves, forested areas and many beautiful camelia gardens.  

Located in the town of Vorno, and within walking distance from our villas, Cucina dello Scompiglio is known as the secret garden. This beautiful spot is so much more than a good Lucca restaurant – it is an experience that combines both tradition and innovation. This restaurant is a special destination you will want to experience in your visit to the area. 

Our visit.

After checking up on some of our villa’s recent upgrades, we decided to go to La Cucina dello Scompiglio for lunch. Our first impression was the road to the estate leading to this Lucca restaurant located just outside the city, surrounded by the vineyards that give birth to Lavandaia wines, Dello Scompiglio’s own wine production. 

Blessed by a sunny winter day, we sat on the outside deck. Welcomed by their sourdough bread, and the super soft focaccia we were already excited about the authentic flavours to come! We chose the delicate and delicious local “Fassona” meat with broccoli side cooked in the oven, paired with their Lavandaia Pura, the 100% Syrah wine. Full bodied and with spicy hints that we adore in this variety, we appreciated the view and had an exceptional gastronomic experience.

For dessert, we had Mint scented cheesecake with Dello Scompiglio Jam, which we will be coming back to have another go at  😉  We loved it! 

After a coffee to finish our meal, we took a little walk along the vineyard and down the antique road leading to Lucca, used as cycling road these days. 

There is an atmosphere of nurture and respect for the cycles of nature in this setting. The garden and the landscape change daily, and we are definitely excited about what the spring will bring! (From the landscape to the food!)

The Restaurant

Settled in the first visible building on arrival at the estate, Cucina dello Scompiglio was refurbished according to the most up-to-date techniques of bio architecture. Respecting the traditional Lucchese construction, there is a large room, a wide mezzanine available for small groups, and a smoking room. For fine weather, there is the outdoor deck, encircled by vineyards and a wonderful view of the surroundings which extend towards the Apuan Alps. 

The Menu

The Menu is designed according to organic fruit and vegetables are currently available from  the estate’s garden. Vegetables are harvested daily prioritizing freshness and seasonality. First courses are made with organic pasta made from selected Tuscan grains, the elaborative process taking place entirely in their own kitchen, without using externally semi-finished products. 

Bread and focaccia are prepared artisanally, and eggs , cheeses and cured meats are sourced from local producers.

Currently they are welcoming guests by reservation. Lunch from Wednesday to Friday; and Dinner, from Thursday to Sunday. 


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