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Promotion on three of our most beautiful villas in Lucca!


TuscanDream is pleased to announce that there is a special bonus for all new bookings at three of our favourite villas in Lucca, the spectacular Borgo Bernardini, the majestic Villa Controni and the ultra-luxurious Villa Lenka booked before May 30th of 2017.    All new bookings will come with a 500 Euro discount on the price and an additional 500 Euros of free in-villa services! These three elegant villas are amongst the finest villas available not…

A Short Guide To Val Di Chiana in Tuscany


If you close your eyes and picture Italy like it is often depicted in the movies, you might see a peaceful place with rolling hills, quaint farmhouses and charming villages dotting the landscape. All this and even more describes of our favorite areas of the country, the scenic and fertile Val di Chiana (Valdichiana) valley, located in the southern Tuscany. It is also quite well-known for its excellent food, wine and extremely charming towns that…

Yoga In Florence: It’s Yoga Firenze


Let’s face it, even for those of us who live in Tuscany, one of the most beautiful places in the world there is stress – and sometimes we all need to relax and reset our mind and body. One of the best ways to let out all the tension and clean the mind is yoga – and no matter which discipline of yoga you want to practice you will find it here. We are passionate…

5 Small Towns In Tuscany That You Probably Never Heard Of (But you should!)


The best part of life in Tuscany is discovering just how dynamic this central Italian region really is – it continues to amaze me, even after years of living here.  Tuscany encompasses a beautiful and diverse natural landscape with numerous UNESCO World Heritage sights. Many travelers are only aware of the Renaissance cities of Siena and Florence, but my personal favorites are the smaller towns where time seems trapped in a bygone era. Imagine tiny cobble-stoned…

Secret gardens in Florence – Giardini Torrigiani


Imagine being immersed in the center of Florence, in the largest privately owned garden in Europe, situated within city boundaries. You can find it between Via del Campuccio, Via de ‘Serragli and the stretch of wall that runs along the Viale Francesco Petrarca. Rife with masonic symbology with an esoteric feel, the neo-gothic tower with a stone-spiral staircase is the most visible symbol of this hidden find that we are pretty sure many who visit Florence know nothing…

Where to Find and Eat Truffles in Tuscany


If you’re headed to Tuscany this autumn, go ahead and pat yourself in the back. In addition to less crowds, cooler weather and fun seasonal events – visiting during this time of year means you have access to something Italians (and well anyone really) cherish more than anything. Truffles and Porcini mushrooms, the ‘gold standard’ of local cuisine during this period, together with Alba in Piedmont, Tuscany is also quite famous for excellent truffles. One…

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