New Eateries in Florence: San Lorenzo

Carolina Casini 17/08/2015

Those who have traveled to Florence in the past ten years might be accustomed to a style that is very reminiscent to Tuscany. Marble-topped tables, rustic atmosphere and a written menu, featuring delights that are heavily vegetable, except for the odd ‘bistecca alla fiorentina‘ or two.

Lately the city has undergone a bit of a contemporary revolution, the traditions still remain but a younger, passionate wave of owners has broken the barriers to add their own creative twist to local cuisine with the opening of many new eateries. In particular, the area around the historical San Lorenzo neighborhood has seen the most change, here are our top picks of interesting new eateries we recommend you try out.

San Lorenzo Neighborhood

San Lorenzo Church Florence

San Lorenzo Church: Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Le Menegere. A brand new concept store/restaurant/cafe and flower shop is arguably the hippest new spot in San Lorenzo. Catering to a new breed of contemporary design enthusiasts and a creative take on local cuisine. The bar also offers a select number of craft cocktails paired with delicious sounding tapas.


La Menagere in Florence, Ph. Georgette Jupe

Lo Sverso, Via Panicale 7/9 R. Again in San Lorenzo, this ‘everyman’s bar’ is a hot new favorite, with interesting cocktails made from homemade syrups (the ginger beer is a must try). They serve food as well, the lunch menu has an interesting array of salads and other light options.

Polpa Burger, Piazza del Mercato Centrale 22R. The Italian answer to a gourmet burger, nestled behind the Mercato Centrale in a small piazza not especially known for great eats (besides Marios). Pick your bun, meat and veg – they make their own french fries and crisps.

My Sugar, Via Dè Ginori 42. In a city filled with plenty of gelaterie, it can be tough to stand out. The truth is, many of the places in central Florence just resell frozen gelato, which doesn’t really cater to the ‘made on site’ philosophy that we truly appreciate. Here the young owners Alberto and his sister create their own artisan-made gelato daily, using seasonal ingredients bought daily from the nearby San Lorenzo market. Flavors like ‘white coffee, a creamy pistachio and cinnamon’ keep us coming back for more.


My Sugar: Photo credit: My Sugar

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