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New Eateries in Florence: San Lorenzo

Carolina Casini 17/08/2015

Those who have traveled to Florence in the past ten years might be accustomed to a style that is very reminiscent to Tuscany. Marble-topped tables, rustic atmosphere and a written menu, featuring delights that are heavily vegetable, except for the odd ‘bistecca alla fiorentina‘ or two. Lately the city has undergone a bit of a contemporary revolution, the traditions still remain but a younger, passionate wave of owners has broken the barriers to add their…

Tour Florence – Art, Culture, Food and Spectacular Shopping

Tuscandream 15/12/2014

No matter where you rent a villa in Tuscany, no vacation seems complete without a visit to Florence, the city that gave birth to, and is synonymous with, the Renaissance. It is estimated that 70% of the Western World’s most important art can be found in Italy, and half of these treasures can be found in the world famous museums of Florence!   One could easily spend a year sightseeing in Florence without taking in everything!…