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6 Ideas For The Perfect Winter Wedding


Getting married in off-season is increasingly becoming a conscious choice by discerning brides who can appreciate a different feel on their wedding day. Which in our opinion, is no less elegant and romantic than tying the knot in high summer. If anything it can be even more ethereal experience. Intermingling a creative use of light and floral — a winter wedding could be the talk of the season (in a good way). We came up…

Welcome Brunch Inspiration Shooting – Tuscany Meets Africa


Almost one year ago, on a very quick decision made over MANY cups of tea at La Rosa Canina Lab in Florence, we decided to leave for a fast 2 weeks in Cape Town. The result was 2 weeks of maniac work at the desk of hour house on the beach of Big Bay and 3 inspirational shooting the we simply love! And so many of the blogs we have submitted them and published them!…

Celebrating Together In An Elegant Villa Near Florence


With low-cost flights making a jaunt over to Florence a very realistic possibility, people are taking advantage of this more than ever. Planning fun weekend trips from all over Europe is becoming cheaper, and offers a variety in travel that before people could only dream about. Breakfast in London, dinner in Prague. In less than two hours from locations like Paris, Berlin or London — you can step foot onto Italian soil and be sipping…

Weddings in Italy: Fall Trends


Fall in Italy is a personal favorite for so many reasons, you can feel the palpable energy which returns to Italian cities.¬†For those of us who love food and wine, it also is the time when harvest season is about to kick off, which means plenty of great food and festivals in many local towns. We also believe that couples getting married during this time tend to stress less about weather, since fair-enough, it can…

Inspiring Country Chic South Africa Wedding Decor brought to Tuscany


The South Africa wineland is one of the places I love the most. In our April trip, together with business partner Ric, had the chance to visit many wedding venues of these amazing part of the world. One of the places is always in my memories is Babylonstoren, an ancient old Dutch farmhouse converted in a luxury hotel.

Here is where I have seen the most creative, simple and inspiring decorations for a wedding table that would fit any of our countryside estates here in Tuscany.

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