Weddings in Italy: Fall Trends

Carolina Casini 07/09/2015

Fall in Italy is a personal favorite for so many reasons, you can feel the palpable energy which returns to Italian cities. For those of us who love food and wine, it also is the time when harvest season is about to kick off, which means plenty of great food and festivals in many local towns. We also believe that couples getting married during this time tend to stress less about weather, since fair-enough, it can be unpredictable, thus a plan b. is always there.

So far this 2015, we have noticed a definite rise with people wanting to personalize their weddings more than ever before. Everyone wants to make their special day stand out with the details, as they should. Making them special is made easier with the right help, we envision a special day accented with interesting, warm and cool touches, classic elegance sure, but done in a way that isn’t over-the-top.


Photo Credit: Alessandro Baglioni

Trends that we have currently seen are a blend of rustic color, like cool copper in decorative touches paired with leafy centerpieces, also a bit of creative lighting (which is important on days where the sunsets get ever shorter). Hot centerpieces include seasonal flowers that are quite versatile, an addition of berries could bring about a pop of color, and plenty of floating candles which lend to a romantic atmosphere.


Photo Credit: Alessandro Baglioni

Bridesmaid’s dresses can follow a fall color scheme with a deep purple hue (also the color of royalty). While a groom could add a fun touch like a burnt orange tie, it adds to the fun theme without going completely overboard.

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When it comes to picking the menu, in Italy, that is almost the best part. Farm-to-table themes are very return to simple, gourmet season cuisine. For the menu, you can’t go wrong with anything Italian, fall flavors include pasta with mushrooms or a tasty pumpkin risotto, and of course truffles! Since fresh new olive oil will be available, we recommend getting miniature monogrammed bottles for guests, which make the perfect favors for an Italian touch.


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