6 Ideas For The Perfect Winter Wedding

Carolina Casini 29/10/2015

Getting married in off-season is increasingly becoming a conscious choice by discerning brides who can appreciate a different feel on their wedding day. Which in our opinion, is no less elegant and romantic than tying the knot in high summer. If anything it can be even more ethereal experience. Intermingling a creative use of light and floral — a winter wedding could be the talk of the season (in a good way). We came up with the few following ideas.

Pick a cozy location

If you are going to do the ceremony and reception inside, as is common for winter weddings, do some research to choose a romantic location with plenty of indoor space and cozy accents such as working fireplaces. That way the ceremony could even take place in front of a roaring fire – adding to your overall theme. Plus you certainly do not want to stress about the weather, or possible rain.

Embrace the pashmina

For brides worried on how to cover themselves but not ruin the look of the dress, an off-white silk, faux-fur pashmina or throw is a god-send, creating an elegant look while also doing the job of keeping warm.

Pashminas for fall & winter weddings

Keep a basket of pashminas around for your wedding guests too

While we imagine you’ll get married inside, keeping a rustic basket or crate filled with buttery throws ¬†for guests who want to venture outside is more than a good idea, plus they could make fun props for pictures.

Mix-Up Your Make Up

Everyone’s makeup is quite personal to them, but an added advantage of marrying in the cooler months, is you have less chance of it running down your face in hot temperatures. You can add ‘cool’ touches such as silver or white eye-liner to a natural over-all look for a winter touch.

Seasonal touches

Being creative with what you serve guests is a wonderful way to celebrate the season that you marry. In winter, you can offer peppermint mocha coffee or mulled wine to guest, or even hot spiked apple cider. There are so many different recipes to choose from, ask your caterer to add certain aesthetic touches such a candy canes or cinnamon sticks. Even spiked eggnog makes for a fun crowd pleaser.

Cinnamon Sticks and Berries for you winter wedding - tuscan dream

Additionally using berries and petals as adornments for wedding cakes is a great way to keep with your theme, for example you can place a bed of roses placed delicately on top, a silver ribbon around the base and sprinkle the cake with edible silver powder.

On table-tops you can use elegant touches such as different type of warm colors for ribbons to ornate your menus. Keep in mind that we don’t recommend overdoing it on red and green, instead opt for a few, simple accents — or it might be a bit too holiday-oriented. Go for a silver or off-white theme instead, with neutral browns and mauve’s which match well together in winter.

Depending on the brides and groom, favors can also reflect the season. Think Mini Christmas stockings, roasted chestnuts or in Tuscany, mini bottles of olive oil make for great take-aways.

For invitations and menus, go with a nicely textured hard-stock. Hand-calligraphy can make the font much more elegant and you can dress them up with ribbons.

Decorations in warm colors for tables cape town - tuscan dream

Use plenty of candles

Really take the concept of a ‘bright’ entrance to another level. To create a really special atmosphere, candles are great, and because likely the sun goes down a lot sooner in November-February, additional light will be required. Thus instead of bringing in more light-bulbs — we suggest bringing in more candles to play around entryways and on top of the table’s themselves, mix it up with small tea-lights and larger versions.

Photocredit: Tommaso Torrini La Rosa Canina & Katie Stoops Katie Stoops Photography

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