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Castello d’Albola, A Fantastic Winery in Tuscany

Carolina Casini 29/06/2021

No poem was ever written by a drinker of water– Horace, the great Roman poet. On this blog, we’d like to showcase places that personally are quite special to us, including the fantastic winery in Tuscany Castello d’Albola, located just north of Radda in Chianti. Not only is their wine a personal favorite (we like the Acciaiolo), it is located in one of the best wine regions in Tuscany, a place with a long history…

Celebrating Together In An Elegant Villa Near Florence

Carolina Casini 03/10/2015

With low-cost flights making a jaunt over to Florence a very realistic possibility, people are taking advantage of this more than ever. Planning fun weekend trips from all over Europe is becoming cheaper, and offers a variety in travel that before people could only dream about. Breakfast in London, dinner in Prague. In less than two hours from locations like Paris, Berlin or London — you can step foot onto Italian soil and be sipping…