Castello d’Albola, A Fantastic Winery in Tuscany

Carolina Casini 29/06/2021

No poem was ever written by a drinker of water– Horace, the great Roman poet.

On this blog, we’d like to showcase places that personally are quite special to us, including the fantastic winery in Tuscany Castello d’Albola, located just north of Radda in Chianti. Not only is their wine a personal favorite (we like the Acciaiolo), it is located in one of the best wine regions in Tuscany, a place with a long history and Etruscan roots.

The history of wine in Italy dates back far longer than most anyone can believe, for almost 2,800 years, this country has been enjoying a glass of red or two. While they may not have invented this popular tipple, they certainly have perfected the art of wine-making, which makes it one of the most popular if not the most popular, wine-producing country in the world.


Dating back to the 12th century, it passed down through several noble families (from the Samminiati to Prince Giovanni Ginori Conti), the estate is now in the hands of the Zonin Family, who gas owned Albola for almost 40 years. In this time, they restored the 16th century villa and surrounding buildings (including remnants of the ancient castle), which were left for disrepair and now sit proudly on rise overlooking the hillside. They also restored the winery, with 900 hectares in the surrounding countryside — and over 4,000 olive trees.

The wine produced in this area is under the Chianti Classico jurisdiction, one that is highly esteemed and respected, Sangiovese vines cover around 90% of the entire vineyard. They also produce grappa, a strong after-dinner liquor.

In the words of Alessandro Gallo, the head winemaker, “At Albola, in fact, I have created a real family, and in the winery I’m not “just” the head oenologist but also hope to be a point of reference for the way the village as a whole is run. Together with the people who live on this beautiful farm surrounded by vineyards that has been brought back to life by the extraordinary efforts of the Zonin Family, not only do I produce wines that are stylistically unique but we are also creating a team that is increasingly strong and united: this is a source of joy for me every day and stimulates me to set our sights ever higher.”


We recommend the SuperTuscan Acciaiolo, a blend of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon.

We highly recommend a visit to one of our favorite winery in Tuscany, a place where the passion for wine and the surrounding land is so clearly evident on the faces of those who create it. The winery offers guided tours of the historic cellars at 12 noon and 5 p.m., followed by a wine and olive oil tasting conducted by the estate’s hospitality team.

There is now the possibility also to attend also Guided Tours for the estate, Tour and Lunch, Dinner in the Medieval Castle and Cooking Classes.

For information and booking: +39 0577 738019 or write to:, more information can be found here. Distance, about 53 kilometers south of Florence.

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