White Wine Barrels @ Your Vineyard Wedding

Carolina Casini 06/02/2015

Weddings don’t get more beautiful than with a backdrop of rolling hills & vineyards! If you have decided to marry in a winery, wine will obviously be a huge part of your nuptials! So, why not to use some white wine barrels for your ceremony?

Having had a look at an array of interesting Pinterest ideas in 2014, we crossed paths with many wine barrel pictures used at weddings, as cocktail table legs, side tables, cake stands, guests book tables as well as behind or near the officiant during vow exchanging.

Because we are always challenged to find innovative stands for ceremonies we decided to paint the wine barrels white, to give them a bit of the rustic feel, make them more suitable for different styles of arrangements and so that we can start using them for beautiful outdoor ceremonies. The result was great!  We actually modified the decoration of the barrels for each wedding to be in line with the rest of the wedding arrangements.

If you are looking for a destination wedding, a vineyard wedding or a country chic wedding, Tuscany &  South Africa’s Western Cape have many perfect locations.

If you are lucky enough to already live in the wine country and you are not planning a destination wedding, wine barrels for a wedding are also the green bride’s choice! They are economical, cheap, and reusable even after the wedding!


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