Monthly Archives: February 2015

Siena, a picturesque city revered for its art and beauty


Although it is a relatively small city of fifty-two thousand people Siena is a cultural behemoth and rightfully has earned its place as a Unesco World Heritage Site. This picturesque hill town  has played a huge role in western civilization. Originally settled by the Etruscans, Siena rose to prominence when the Lombards conquered the city and built the Via Francigena, linking Rome with what is now France in the sixth century.   The city became…

Picking the perfect villa for your Tuscan holiday


Trying to pick the right villa in Tuscany for your family’s vacation is not an easy task.   The internet is full of pictures and descriptions, but as we all know the pictures are staged, and the descriptions are written to entice you to come rent the villa and tend to omit anything that might deter you from renting the estate. How do you tell?  Of course getting on an airplane and flying to Tuscany and…

Gaiole in Chianti


If a Hollywood set designer was asked to create the Tuscany of our dreams, chances are good that they would erect a model of the medieval town of Gaiole in Chianti, the small vineyard dominated village nestled fifteen kilometers north of the provincial capital of Siena and only forty kilometers southeast of Florence. In 1215, Gaiole became the central market town for the small villages of Radda, Castellina in Chianti and the nearby castles of…

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