Tuscany meets Africa

Carolina Casini 18/03/2015

The idea to celebrate weddings in a foreign country was born from my need to get new inspirations away from Tuscany and explore exotic spots at the same time. South Africa was the perfect location for a lot of reasons. Since I got back there in 2010, after my first trip in 1993 when the apartheid regime was still on, this country has been inspiring me in a lot of different ways.

Now how to plan an inspirational shooting in South Africa in less than 2 weeks that’s another story and involves my company TuscanDream having had the privilege to meet and get to know our friends at Wedding Concepts, a leading wedding planning agency in Cape Town. Like TuscanDream, Wedding Concepts specializes in working with a distinctive international clientele and are committed to deliver beautifully customized, luxury weddings.Tuscan Dream, Wedding Concepts  and La Rosa Canina each added their charming touches and you can see it all right here thanks to Lisa Poggi & Gianluca Gasperoni amazing work. Many of the best things in life are those that happen serendipitously. Our inspirational wedding project in South Africa has brought together creativity and friendship as a beautiful unexpected gift to an awesome photo shoot!

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