The TuscanDream Villa of the week – Borgo Bernardini at a special price!

Tuscandream 31/10/2013

The very first time I walked into the palatial Villa Borgo Bernardini in Lucca, I was absolutely awestruck.  As someones whose ‘job’ (in reality it’s more like a pleasure than a job!)  is to find new villas I have the privilege of seeing magnificent villas and castles on a daily basis – but with Borgo Bernardini it was love at first sight.   As I wandered through the lavish villa, through the spectacular kitchen, the amazing dining room, the 12 marvelous bedrooms, the brilliant game room, the stunning gardens, the fabulous swimming pool and there are not enough words to describe the wonderful family who own it!    I remember leaving Borgo Bernardini and trying to figure out how I would someday be lucky enough to vacation there.

Over the years  I have had the privilege of having booked Borgo Bernardini twice for my own personal vacation – each time bringing twenty of my closest friends.   I can honestly say these have been the two best holidays I have ever had in my life!   We have booked many groups at Borgo Bernardini  for family reunions, holidays for a groups of friends, corporate retreats and weddings – and at the feedback we get from them always contains the phrase, “I can’t wait to go back”.

And now for the really good news!  For all bookings made before the end of 2013, we are offering Borgo Bernadini at 10 percent off!  A week in Paradise during high season which would regularly cost 30,000 Euros, is now only 27,000 Euros … and to make it even better we are also able to include complimentary roundtrip airport transfers from both the Pisa and Florence airports for you and your guests!

At TuscanDream we want you to experience all the magic of Tuscany – and do so in the paradise that is Borgo Bernardini!

Please call us today at (+1) 310 887 1115 to find out how you can experience Nirvana at Borgo Bernardini!



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