Secret gardens in Florence – Giardini Torrigiani

Carolina Casini 06/02/2021

Secret Gardens in Florence

Secret Gardens in Florence

Giardino Torrigiani

Imagine being immersed in the center of Florence, in the largest privately owned garden in Europe, situated within city boundaries. One of the secret gardens in Florence that you can find it between Via del Campuccio, Via de ‘Serragli and the stretch of wall that runs along the Viale Francesco Petrarca. Rife with masonic symbology with an esoteric feel, the neo-gothic tower with a stone-spiral staircase is the most visible symbol of this hidden find that we are pretty sure many who visit Florence know nothing about. It was once a place of astronomic discovery, complete with a library and even a mechanical chair to arrive more quickly, though now it remains in a state of disrepair.

Torrigiani is a special place, previously a botanical garden in the 16th century only to get a revival in the 19th century when Marquis Pietro Torrigiani inherited the property.  An oasis of green in a city that doesn’t have much, the outlay of the garden has very much an English influence which was realized by the architect Luigi de Cambray Digny. From ceder to rare oaks, , horse chestnut, cypress, magnolia, any lover of botany and plant life will be impressed by a visit here.

There are plenty of special angles to be found here, one of the oldest that come to mind include a former defensive wall built by Cosimo I dei Medici, of the most powerful banking family synonymous of the city. Statues pepper the hills and winding paths, including a baroque piece by Baratta and one of our personal favorite spots include a romantic bridge over the Ladon river that looks out of a cinematic film. Rare plant species and exotic fruits make this place their home, including a newly restored greenhouse.

How To Visit Torrigiani Gardens

Giardino Torrigiani, Via de’ Serragli 144
Telephone – +390 55 22 45 27
Guided tours are available, which last roughly 1½hr, reservations must be made in advance. Email

Notable Places Nearby

  • SHOP | Officine Nora – Contemporary jewelry work/shop, one of favorite secret finds in the neighborhood – these contemporary artisans work in this open space and produce high-quality jewelry and invite makers to come visit in their cool space.  address: Via dei Preti, 4, 50125 Firenze, Open Mon-Fri 11:00 – 13:00 ; 15:30 – 19:30. Advised to call or email before visiting, +39 055 9758930. website.
  • EAT | Restaurant Al Tranvai, a tiny little spot in nearby piazza tasso, well known and loved by locals who come here for the fantastic Tuscan food.  Piazza Torquato Tasso, 14r, 50124 Firenze, Phone:055 225197. Open Monday 7:10pm-10:45pm, Tuesday-Sat 12:15-2:30pm – 7:10pm-10:45pm, Closed Sunday.

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