Planning The Perfect Tuscan Outdoor Wedding

Carolina Casini 07/05/2018

Lush countryside, beautiful vineyards, and gorgeous weather make the ideal location for your perfect tuscan outdoor wedding in Tuscany. In fact this region of Italy was the preferred location for destination weddings in Italy for 24% of couples, according to recent research from JFC Tourism and Management. But, no matter how laid back and relaxed an outdoor wedding looks, it requires ample planning and attention to detail. You should prepare for the weather, organize outdoor catering, and get the right decor for your surroundings.

Comfort is key

Whatever the weather, you need to plan to make sure your guests are as comfortable as possible. If it’s hot and sunny, position portable electric fans around the venue, as well as give guests hand-held fans. Have ice water available to keep everyone refreshed. Since alcohol is dehydrating, also have other drinks on offer like lemonade or fruit punch. Setting up a tent will provide shade, however, keep in mind that tents can get too hot if used in temperatures over 75 degrees.

Chillier days need heating suitable for the outdoors. Nothing beats a roaring fire to keep your guests warm and toasty — and there are some stunning bio-ethanol fireplacesto choose from. Tents should have sidewalls to keep the cold out (get clear ones so you can still see outside). Your tent should also be strong enough to survive light wind and rain. It’s essential you have a backup plan for really bad weather. Setup an indoor room close to your outdoor location just in case.

Saying “I do” with the setting sun in the background will be a treat for you, your fiance, and your guests. Just make sure you get the timing right! Alternatively, daytime ceremonies should be in the shade or at least positioned so the sun doesn’t shine in guests’ eyes.

Organizing catering

Whether you’re having a traditional Tuscan buffet or a three-course meal, make sure the food will stay fresh in the heat. Chat with your planner about the menu and how it will be prepared for the day. They’ll need a separate tent with a generator for electricity. Get an electrician to survey the area beforehand, so you know exactly what and what not to do.

Decorating your venue

The breathtaking natural beauty of Tuscany is almost all you need for a mesmerizing ceremony and reception. Your florist and event designer will be able to suggest what is the best decoration to highlight the set for a beautiful wedding!

The need for extra additional decoration is minimal, but you do need some: fairy lights or lanterns hung in the trees or lining pathways; curtains and tiebacks in the tent; and an arch or trellis for the ceremony, for example.

Work with your a wedding planner for your destination wedding will make the process relatively simple and stress-free. With the above tips, your outdoor Wedding in Tuscany will be the affair to remember!

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