Planning a Destination Wedding for 2016? You absolutely need a wedding website! Here the top 5 reasons why.

Carolina Casini 27/12/2015

It’s the ultimate stress reducer – If responding to text and phone calls about what time the ceremony starts or what is the closest hotel to the wedding venue isn’t part of your wedding vision, then a wedding website is a must! Using your website to communicate the details guarantees that your guests can always access the information they need, even if they accidentally misplace your invitation.

It sets expectations – While is likely all your guests are familiar with the fundamentals of the wedding etiquette, like showing up on time to the ceremony, sometime it’s nice to give them a heads up on what the wedding day or a 3 day celebration will be.

It starts the celebration off right – Just like your wedding invitations, your website can set the tone for your wedding day. Whether or not your template is an exact match for your celebration doesn’t necessarily matter, but the vibe of your site does. An elegant formal website fits perfectly with a black tie event, while rustic details and a note about semi-formal summer attire gives guests a glimpse into your country style reception.

It informs – Your wedding website is the perfect place for the essential and helpful information. Especially if you are planning a destination wedding you will need to provide your guests with travel related info to make them at ease. Other info like that reception being on a grass area, not stiletto friendly, or dinner menu with allergy-friendly options will enhance your guests experience.

Makes RSVP easy – using digital RSVP will make your guests lists updated in real time. No need to go crazy in keeping track of your guests plan and ask them to take a trip to the post office. They will appreciate that!

What to include on you wedding website

wedding website for destination weddings

wedding website by wedding paper divas

Schedule of the wedding day/weekend – A full schedule of the events indicating time and place of each scheduled event is a must for your website! Being a destination wedding you are more likely planning a wedding weekend rather than a one day event. Add also some contact numbers to be used in case of need i.e location, or your wedding planner cell phone.

Think of logistics – you may have guests traveling from all around the world to attend your wedding. Make sure you have a list of selected hotels and you have already allocated sufficient rooms for your guests conveniently located near the wedding venue. To make it even easier you should  add a map of the wedding location

Share your story and include photos – Write few paragraphs on how the two of you met and how you got engaged. Especially those who haven’t had the opportunity to got to know both of you will be thrilled to read about it. Include a few details about yourselves, trips taken and  include few of your favorite photos together.

Play Travel guide – Take the travel logistics to a new level and organize a couple of activities for all your guests for them to be acquainted with a place that is significant to the two of you. In this section throw in some other tourist-friendly suggestions that they can also do on their own. Destination wedding can be great travel experience!

The all important RSVP – your guests can RSVP online, saving you time and postage costs and much quicker responses on their part that help you finalize the guests list within your timeline.

The gift list – List your registries and include a link to the registry page. Don’t forget to keep them up to date!

Honeymoon details – your honeymoon agenda can be a fun addition to the wedding website, especially if one of your registries is an honeymoon fund. By sharing your honeymoon plans with your guests your inviting them to share to your first adventure together as newlywed.

Get inspired!

Here a list of wedding websites you like a lot! Not all of them are free.

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