Live Like a Rock Star in Tuscany!

Tuscandream 07/10/2013

 TuscanDream is proud to represent the majestic 16th Century air conditioned  Villa il Palagio, owned by rock and roll legend Sting and his movie producer wife Trudie Styler, one of the most gorgeous estates not just in Tuscany but in all of Italy.   Located in the rolling hills of Chianti outside the town of Figline Valdarno, this lush staffed vineyard estate is a 900 acre vacation destination unto itself!    The villa is impeccably, yet comfortably furnished.  Palagio’s well-manicured gardens are breathtaking, its organic vineyards produce outstanding wine, while the organic olive groves produce a brilliant oil and the estate’s bees produce five flavours of tantalizing honey,  and we haven’t even gotten to the huge lake, the tennis court, yoga center, and the stables yet!   Perfect for weddings and special events for up to 500 people, Villa Palagio and its collection of guest houses can accommodate up to 50 people on the estate – and there are additional accommodations nearby for any extra guests.

Unlike many other luxury villas in Tuscany, Villa il Palagio is a home, not just a rental property.  It is tastefully decorated and efficiently laid out.   You know you are surrounded by intense beauty but you don’t get that uncomfortable feeling that you’re sitting on someone’s ancestor’s priceless antique sofa so you can’t put your feet up and relax!   The villa features a brilliant cook’s kitchen, and nine bedrooms each with en suite bathrooms and clawed foot bathtubs.    The villa originally had a consecrated chapel, which has been transformed into a beautiful Buddhist shrine and is a place of great serenity and peace.  Adjacent to the villa there is Sting’s recording studio – if you feel like you have a few hot tracks you want to lay down (Studio fees are not included in the rental)!

However the true beauty of il Palagio comes from its grounds.  Graced by a stunning stone fountain that once belonged to Sophia Loren, the terraced Italian gardens are a work of beauty designed by noted landscape architect Arabella Lennox-Boyd – and the life-sized Chess board conjures up visions of a James Bond movie!   Then you hike down to the villa’s award winning vineyards that produce four different award winning wines, including Sister Moon, When We Dance, Casino delle vie and their newest “Message in the Bottle” 

TuscanDream cannot imagine a prettier or more memorable place for a holiday, wedding or special event than il Palagio – a jewel in Chianti – available from Tuscandream.

View Villa Il Palagio, Sting’s Villa in Tuscany.

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