Discover Petra – a gem winery on the tuscan hills of Maremma

Carolina Casini 13/12/2021

If you’re looking for a unique Tuscan experience, consider visiting the stunning Petra winery in the Tuscan hills of Maremma, the hidden secret of Tuscany.

Petra is a unique destination that must be experienced in person to truly understand its beauty and wonder. It lies near the ancient village of Suvereto, and is a 40 km drive from Bolgheri, nestled into the iron hills of Val di Cornia.

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Petra – The Property

When we first drove onto the property, we were stunned by the stone cylinder construction framed by the surrounding vineyards. As we followed the row of olive trees toward the wine shop, we felt so curious to go inside the building to taste the wine! We were excited to go into the barrel hall, which is 25 m underground, literally standing beneath the vines from which the wine is produced.

The building itself is actually a practical design, where grapes are received at the top, fall into maceration, into fermentation tanks and when ready, go to the following stage of vinification by the use of gravity. Impressive! This way, gentle and expressive Tuscany wines are born! Fining is done with 25% new barrels and 75% old barrels.

Language of the Land

Another interesting part of our  Tuscan hills winery experience was at the end, where we were able to observe the composition of the land beneath the vines. There is an exposed rock ceiling and wall that perfectly demonstrates the layers of rock and mineral that are the foundation of Petra. An authentic Tuscan experience!

The construction of the main building is unusual, yet seamlessly blends in with the beautiful landscape. The structure was inspired by these words from the owner Vittorio Moretti:

“Draw a circle and then add two wings on the side and a stairway in the middle, and underneath it, a tunnel that penetrates into the core of the hillside”.

Nature is the protagonist at Petra. The Swiss architect, Mario Botta, following the guide and experience of the Moretti family, designed the harmonic building taking advantage of the heights and composition of the land, for the optimization of energy in wine production.

The Wine in this Tuscan Hills Winery

We had the pleasure of tasting the sumptuous wines as well, and we were not disappointed!

“Hebo” from the line of Petra, made with 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Merlot, and 10% Sangiovese, got our attention immediately with its expression in the nose, identifying blueberries and the mineral hint certainly from the terroir, resulting in a structured and fresh wine with soft and pleasant tannins. We wanted more!

“Colle al Fico”, made 100% from Syrah grapes, with its spicy notes and explosive mouth gave us the final assertion of the potential and uniqueness of this land.

We will definitely come back for the summer release of “ La Balena”, 100% Viognier, with fining in old barrels, that were sold out this time!

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