The Best Lunch I Ever Had

Tuscandream 28/04/2013

Today may have been a rainy day in Tuscany but it was a phenomenal day. Today I had to do the hard part of my job and visit our amazing villas!

I stopped by Villa Daniela, an absolutely fantastic gorgeous and dare we say underpriced eleven bedroom villa located in Lucca. The villa’s lovely owner Daniela treated me to lunch and in this day of internet slang I finally understood, OMG!!!

Signore Daniela has entered into a partnership with our favourite young dynamic chef Valentino and his wife, the outstanding sommelier, Larisa of Tastemotions – and as a result I had the best lunch of my life!

In all honesty you could have started a religion based on this feast! Pecorino cheese served with pear, honey and pepper – homemade forccacia, zucchini souffle in a puff pastry, and to cap it off homemade gelato with Valentino’s secret Strawberry glaze topping.

If you possibly can go to Tuscany you must stay at Villa Daniela!

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