2014 Favorite Table Arrangements – We love long tables!

Carolina Casini 13/01/2015

This past year we really had the chance to create some beautiful long table arrangements.

Here some quick snaps of the ones we loved the most! All the 3 of them will be featured in wedding blogs in the month so stay tuned for more details.

A castle setting is the perfect place to use long tables and in this case we did a U shape table to create that medieval banquet feel. Using silver and the right glassware, and decorating the table with peonies, freesias and hyacinthus in various colors we have created here a sophisticated elegance that is also visually stunning.

In the country setting we have set 3 parallel long tables under a beautiful South African beduin tent with wooden poles and used different materials like wood, iron, terracotta vases and candles supports, chalkboard, flowers and fruits for a festive but simple atmosphere that is graceful and aesthetically beautiful.

For the Medicean villa with decided to go with a mix of supports in silver, but very simple natural elements like rosemary, olive branches, scabiosa seeds, white roses and lysianthus to create a classic feel, but not in traditional way.

The symmetry of the long table arrangements easily create a WOW effect and give you the chance to use the most different supports, vases, candles and lanterns depending on the style you want to create. They have also several practical advantages, as they keep wedding guests together so they can share the celebration, rather than scattering them to smaller satellite tables.

Excited to do more in 2015!

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