Planning a Destination Wedding in Tuscany

Carolina Casini 26/09/2014

Destination weddings are a wonderful way to celebrate your special day.

When you are looking for beautiful locations, delicious food and the perfect atmosphere, Tuscany has everything to offer. Whether you’re looking for an intimate day with your nearest and dearest, or you want to celebrate with all your family and friends, this gorgeous Italian destination provides storybook weddings for international brides and grooms. Read on for our guide to plan for your destination wedding in Tuscany.

What kind of venue would you like?

In Tuscany there’s something for every taste and budget. Pick from idyllic villas, luxury hotels and historic castles. You can even get married on a brilliant wine estate!


What is your budget?

A big consideration when planning a wedding abroad is the price. Getting married abroad can actually work out cheaper than marrying at home, depending on your guest list and what you’d like to do on your big day. As you would with a wedding at home, create a budget for your destination wedding and ask your wedding planner to break down in the various services – and stick to it.

What kind of ceremony would you like?

Civil or religious? A particular religion? This is something you need to think about at least one year in advance, because there may be some legal forms which will need to be processed.

How many guests would you like to invite?

Do you select just a few family members, and your closest friends? Or is it a big bash with everyone you know? We can cater for all sizes – whether you want a vineyard villa…or a romantic castle!

Hire a wedding planner

One of the best ways to reduce stress and really enjoy your wedding day (and the weeks running up to your big day) is to hire a local wedding planner. When your wedding is abroad, it’s a relief to know you can count on someone that speaks the language, knows the territory intimately and has the professional skills to organize everything and make it the perfect day for both of you.


The food in Tuscany is utterly divine, using fresh ingredients and local seasonal produce. Of course, if you’re coming to Tuscany, you must try our wine too! If you get married in a vineyard estate you will most likely want to feature the estate’s wine!

Time of year

One of the great things about having your destination wedding in Tuscany, is our weather is great all year round. The summer months, in particular June & July, are glorious and allow dining al fresco either if you are planning either a formal affair or a more casual one. If you prefer cooler temperatures and always dream of a winter wedding in this beautiful region, try December or January, where the temperature tend to cool, but with beautiful blue sky days. Each season has its benefits – summer weddings work well with pastel and warm color schemes, while winter weddings suit cooler tones such as silver and white and red.


Save the Date

When you’re planning a destination wedding, your guests will need advance notice. They’ll need to book time off at work, and potentially save up for flights and accommodations if that’s not covered by the wedding party.


When planning your destination wedding, there are certain things you need to consider. You’re likely to have to carry more luggage than usual, especially with suits, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and more to pack. Check with your airline of choice to see what their baggage allowance is, and what charges carrying extra might incur.

Wedding Website

You may want to consider creating a wedding website where your guests can find info on the wedding venue, accommodation and transportation options so that they will feel at ease traveling in a foreign country.

Where will you go on Honeymoon?

The great thing about a destination wedding, is that the honeymoon starts straight away! Tuscany has plenty to offer, from beautiful cycling routes to cooking classes. Your family and friends may want to stay on with you for a day or two, so our villas are a great solution to keep everyone together during that time.

How can TuscanDream help you?

Tempted? Have a look through our photos of real TuscanDream weddings,

then get in touch!

Tuscandream is a full wedding planning and travel agency able to guide you and assist you through the venue search all the wedding related services. We can help you create your tailor made wedding and orchestrate the perfect day taking care of things for you, and can source legally needed certified translations of important documents and arrange for other required documents.

TuscanDream provide a thorough wedding planning service, so all you need to worry about is the dress and getting to the altar on time! When it comes to catering, you could use TuscanDream’s exclusive caterers, or go for the chefs that some of the villas have.

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