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Medici Tapestries back in Florence For the First Time in 150 Years!


There is exciting news for art lovers planning on visiting Florence this winter!  We highly recommend that you visit the fascinating Palazzo Vecchio museum located in Florence’s magnificent Town Hall and see an exhibit before it closes in mid-February. For the first time in over one hundred years, the Opificio delle Pietre Dure, a spectacular set of twenty tapestries depicting the stories of the Biblical patriarch Joseph have been reunited and put on display. These…

Private Villas in Tuscany for Groups Near Rapolano Terme


For those looking to truly wind down in the heart of Tuscany, we suggest choosing a location that is strategic to local towns you would like to visit, in addition to fabulous places where you can wind down because a vacation doesn’t feel like one if you are constantly on-the-go. Luckily, for those looking for something private yet accessible, we have two villas available for rent in the province of Siena (19 kilometers  from the…

Secret gardens in Florence – Giardini Torrigiani


Imagine being immersed in the center of Florence, in the largest privately owned garden in Europe, situated within city boundaries. You can find it between Via del Campuccio, Via de ‘Serragli and the stretch of wall that runs along the Viale Francesco Petrarca. Rife with masonic symbology with an esoteric feel, the neo-gothic tower with a stone-spiral staircase is the most visible symbol of this hidden find that we are pretty sure many who visit Florence know nothing…

Keep Warm In These Tuscan Thermal Springs


For those who think that Tuscany is limited to sprawling landscapes and charming hill-top towns, think again. Besides an extensive coastline, there is much to experience in this vast region that we adore so much. One of which are the abundance of options for those who enjoy a thermal hot spring experience, which also happens to offer a range of benefits for the skin and body. Personally, we love organizing a day with our girlfriends…

The Perfect Tuscan Villa For A Romantic Getaway


We all lead busy lives which often means not enough time to focus on the things that really matter, mainly our relationships with family and friends. While someone’s idea of a holiday in Italy might mean hitting up every hot-spot mentioned in Rick Steves, aimed at checking it off a dream bucket-list. We suggest otherwise. The things is, you have the rest of your life to hurry to the next big thing, ideally, coming to Italy should…

Whispers of Monteriggioni, A Tuscany Gem


Only 50 kilometers from Florence, and 15 from Siena, lies a tiny, walled 13th century Medieval town that seems to have been preserved in time, its prowess is even quoted in Dante’s Divine Comedy. Used as a defensive fortification in the Middle Ages between the always-fighting Siena and Florence, it is one of the best preserved towns from this era in all of Italy, with 570 meters of circular walls that beckon to the time…

Travel to Tuscany


Getting to Tuscany by air is quite easy.  We have two international airports in Pisa and Florence, but many of our TuscanDream luxury villas are less than a two hour drive from Rome’s Fiumicino airport, Bologna and Genoa. It depends where your villa or hotel is located and where you are flying from to determine which airport is best to fly into for your Italian vacation. If you are staying in a TuscanDream villa in…

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