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Yoga Retreats 2017 in Tuscany Italy in private villa with pool

Carolina Casini 03/04/2017

Yoga & Wellness Retreat in Tuscany, Italy. In 2017 TuscanDream will bring Yoga & Wellness Retreats in its Tuscan villas! The first one taking place May 27th/June 3rd will be held in a beautiful 5 bedroom villa with heated pool located in the Val d’Ambra region, called Molino del Chianti. The property sits at the foot of the Chianti hills, nearby a small medieval village, in an enchanting Tuscan landscape surrounded by vineyards, olive groves…

Yoga In Florence: It’s Yoga Firenze

Tuscandream 11/01/2016

Let’s face it, even for those of us who live in Tuscany, one of the most beautiful places in the world there is stress – and sometimes we all need to relax and reset our mind and body. One of the best ways to let out all the tension and clean the mind is yoga – and no matter which discipline of yoga you want to practice you will find it here. We are passionate…

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Retreat In Lucca, April 2016

Tuscandream 21/10/2015

Imagine emerging from a vacation not only relaxed, but actually refreshed. Often when we travel, and we are just as guilty for forgetting that very concept, rushing to the next best spot and checking off something new on our bucket list. For first timers to Italy, this happens all too often — excited travelers can turn weary quite quickly. Why not imagine a different kind of vacation, where rejuvenation starts with yoga and a cultural…

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