Picking the perfect villa for your Tuscan holiday

Tuscandream 24/03/2023

Trying to pick the right villa in Tuscany for your family’s vacation is not an easy task.   The internet is full of pictures and descriptions, but as we all know the pictures are staged, and the descriptions are written to entice you to come rent the villa and tend to omit anything that might deter you from renting the estate.

How do you tell?  Of course getting on an airplane and flying to Tuscany and visiting a villa before your stay is probably the best way – but most people don’t have the time or money to afford them this luxury.   Word of mouth is always a good way, but most of us don’t have friends who have been to more than one Tuscan villa, so their ability to compare villas often isn’t that great. Some may try reading reviews left on websites, but unfortunately the reviews can be easily manipulated by clever villa owners and management companies who will leave great reviews on their own villas and disparage those estates owned by rivals.

At TuscanDream we realize all this and recommend that prospective customers talk to someone who has actually been to the villa prior to making their selection. When choosing a rental company we suggest you ask the person if they personally have been to the villa?  Most villa rental companies are staffed by employees who have never been to Tuscany much less to any villa!  They have a fact sheet in front of them and might be able to read that the villa is located eight kilometers from the nearest town, but will they know if there is a great restaurant located around the corner, or that there is a town market in Ambra on Tuesday mornings, in Bucine on Wednesdays and in Rapolano on Thursdays? Has your villa rental represented personally visited the property recently to make sure that the owner is maintaining the villa to the highest standards? Sometimes owners rent their historic family villas because they are under financial pressure to do so, but is the owner taking good care of the estate or is he deferring maintenance and pocketing all the money?

At TuscanDream we’ve been to all our properties and never will represent any estate until we personally have visited it and learned as much about the villa and the general area as possible.

We want you to make the right and informed choice for your individual needs when you rent a villa from TuscanDream. We realize your vacation time and money is precious. Making sure you have a fabulous holiday in Tuscany is our business. We only want satisfied clients and would rather not rent you a villa than rent you the wrong villa

We would be happy to give you more information on Villas in Tuscany, Get in Touch and Let’s have an open, honest conversation about your perfect villa rental in Tuscany.

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