Explore Tuscan Archipelago as You Sail to Elba: 10-Day Tuscany Trip

Tuscandream 13/01/2021

2021 Retreat – Sailing in Tuscany

Venus is the Goddess of love and beauty and has been the favorite subject of artwork and legend since ancient times. Legend tells of her loss of a necklace as she emerges from the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The pearls of the necklace scatter and form the seven islands of the Tuscan Archipelago. Today, we know these islands as Capraia, Elba, Giannutri, Giglio, Gorgona, Montecristo, and Pianosa.

For the 2021 season, Tuscan Dream is offering the opportunity to explore the beauty of the Tuscan Archipelago as you sail to Elba on a 60+ foot sailboat.

From the gorgeous coves and sandy beaches to the peaceful towns, you’ll find it hard to believe the story of Venus’ necklace is a myth rather than history.

Our Sailing in Tuscany retreat will combine at least 4 days of sailing with with a stay in a gorgeous Tuscan Villa. It’s truly the best way to experience Tuscany and immerse yourself in Venus’ beauty.

Your sailboat will feature a total of four cabins that can accommodate you and seven guests. Each cabin features en-suite bathrooms and many amenities to allow you and your Plus-One to enjoy total privacy and comfort. However, the breathtaking scenery will keep you from spending much, if any, time below deck.

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Three staff members accompany you on the water. They will guide your tour and provide you with the services that will’ make your sail along the archipelago as luxurious as you could ever imagine.

You may know Elba as the place where Napoleon was exiled in 1814-1815. During his time here, he commanded a series of gardens and roadwork. That work is to thank for our ability to take in much of the beauty to this day. In fact, one of his two residences in that period, Villa Margherita, is now a museum in beautiful neoclassical style.

The sea, these islands, and the gardens built long ago certainly make for a trip you won’t soon forget. But our goal is for you to take in all that Tuscany has to offer—trust us, there’s much more than just the sea.

Five to six of the nights during your 10 Days in Tuscany, you will reside within a picturesque Tuscan Villa tucked into the hillsides.

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With views of the rolling hills and the majestic countryside, you will feel as though you are still within the influence of Venus’ beauty, even if legend doesn’t state it. Its traditional Tuscan architecture complements your experience as it takes advantage of the view and blends it correctly with the intimate interior settings.

You can enjoy the privacy of your room or gather with your guests for a social experience in the main halls of the property. A large patio and pool also allow you to take in a stimulating environment with no sacrifice to exclusivity.

But we encourage you and your guests to leave the Villa and travel down into the towns. It is there you will find the historical culture and dining experiences that separate Tuscany from any other part of the world.

For more, contact Tuscan Dream today.

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