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Picking the perfect villa for your Tuscan holiday

Tuscandream 18/02/2015

Trying to pick the right villa in Tuscany for your family’s vacation is not an easy task.   The internet is full of pictures and descriptions, but as we all know the pictures are staged, and the descriptions are written to entice you to come rent the villa and tend to omit anything that might deter you from renting the estate. How do you tell?  Of course getting on an airplane and flying to Tuscany and…

Gaiole in Chianti

Tuscandream 12/02/2015

If a Hollywood set designer was asked to create the Tuscany of our dreams, chances are good that they would erect a model of the medieval town of Gaiole in Chianti, the small vineyard dominated village nestled fifteen kilometers north of the provincial capital of Siena and only forty kilometers southeast of Florence. In 1215, Gaiole became the central market town for the small villages of Radda, Castellina in Chianti and the nearby castles of…

A Holiday in Medieval Cortona

Tuscandream 10/09/2014

Cortona is a picturesque medieval walled city set high on the slopes of Mount St. Egidio and overlooking the Val di Chiana and Lake Trasimeno. Known to many as the setting for the movie Under The Tuscan Sun, Cortona is a vibrant town well worth exploring for its historical importance, fantastic shopping, breathtaking views  and its fabulous cuisine! TuscanDream offers several phenomenal villas in Cortona, including the sensational ten bedroom air conditioned Villa Laura that was…

Off the beaten tracks of Tuscany, Maremma

Tuscandream 10/02/2014

Every year we  select new properties to add to the TuscanDream portfolio.  Recently we added Poggio Diavolino farmhouse in Southern Tuscany, off the beaten tracks of Tuscany, located in the Maremma area, only 15 minutes from the beaches of Castiglione della Pescaia. Maremma is one of the less well known area of Tuscany and for this reason it has still a lot to offer, especially because everything you encounter is the “real” deal. Gems like Siena and Bolgheri…

The TuscanDream Villa of the week – Borgo Bernardini at a special price!

Tuscandream 31/10/2013

The very first time I walked into the palatial Villa Borgo Bernardini in Lucca, I was absolutely awestruck.  As someones whose ‘job’ (in reality it’s more like a pleasure than a job!)  is to find new villas I have the privilege of seeing magnificent villas and castles on a daily basis – but with Borgo Bernardini it was love at first sight.   As I wandered through the lavish villa, through the spectacular kitchen, the amazing…

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