Libreria and Terrazza


Hotel / B&B


  • Washer and Dryer

Property Description

Just a few minutes drive from Siena, located on the phenomenal La Selva estate of Montebenichi, are two wonderful farmhouses, Libreria and Terrazza. Located on the fabulous Villa la Selva Estate, renown for its amazing wines, these intimate farmhouses provide intimate accommodations for couples and young families who want to experience the magic of Tuscany at affordable prices

Libreria is a one hundred square meter farmhouse which is ideal for honeymooners. Libreria features a large double bedroom bathroom, and a large living room, richly furnished with antiques and with a large fireplace, a library of books and a small kitchenette – but its real attraction for many is its patio overlooking the fantastic pastures and vineyards below. We often spend hours sitting on the terrace and watching deer and horses frolic together in the fields! Terrazza is a one hundred ten square meter farmhouse located directly across the driveway from Libreria. With two double bedrooms and two bathrooms, there is a living room which opens to a large, sixty square meter terrace. Terrazza features great views overlooking the private grounds and the gardens of the owner’s magnificent home villa.

Looking out Libreria’s terrace one can’t help but marvel in the fantastic view of the vineyards, and fields of the La Selva estate. If one gets up early enough you could easily imagine yourself transported into an episode of National Geographic explorer, as deer, wild boar and porcupines casually amble along through your panoramic view! From Terrazza one looks out on the owner’s amazing Roman gardens.

  • Montebenichi – 2 Kilometers
  • Ambra – 5 Kilometers
  • Siena – 19 Kilometers
  • Arezzo – 38 Kilometers
  • Florence – 48 Kilomteters
  • Montepulciano – 49 Kilometers
  • Montalcino – 55 Kilometers
  • Cortona – 64 Kilometers
  • San Gimignano – 65 Kilometers
  • Lucca – 119 Kilometers
  • Pisa – 130 Kilometers
  • Rome – 243 Kilometers
  • Venice – 260 Kilometers
  • Libreria 1,200 Euros per week
  • Terrazza 1,400 Euros per week
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